Apparently, there were some rumors going around online that UFC was partnering with World Wrestling Entertainment. UFC head Dana White appeared on CNBC's Power Lunch this afternoon with Brock Lesnar to announce their toy deal with Jakks. During the show, White denied the rumors about UFC partnering with WWE, saying they are totally untrue. White also denied that boxer (and WrestleMania headliner) Floyd Mayweather was on his way to the Octagon.

Here are some live Raw notes from reader Alonso Reyes, who was in attendance at last night's show in Oakland. Bay Area rap star E-40 was at the show and hanging out backstage. "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson did indeed work a dark match before the show with Lance. Some people in the audience were calling him 'Daniel Dragon'. He picked up the win in his match with Cade. Also, Cade apparently hurt his shoulder during the match. Reyes also noted that Shawn Michaels seemed legitimately hurt after his segment with Chris Jericho. Some EMTs were brought out and his eye seemed messed up according to the reader.

Regarding Bryan Danielson, he was under a developmental contract to WWE in 2000-2001 where he worked for Memphis Championship Wrestling. However, Danielson parted ways with WWE when the territory closed down -- which was due to the fallout from Jerry Lawler quitting WWE in 2001. Danielson performed on Velocity and Heat a few times as an enhancement worker. He once wrestled John Cena on a January 2003 episode of Velocity.

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