Last night in Auckland, New Zealand, the Undertaker wrestled his first WWE match since getting banned from the company at One Night Stand. Undertaker teamed up with his brother Kane, as the Brothers of Destruction defeated the Great Khali and Mark Henry. According to WWE storylines, Undertaker is still officially gone from the company, however Vickie Guererro allowed him to travel overseas for his "Farewell Tour".

WWE Diva Ashley Massaro has a new tattoo. The Playboy covergirl has inked up the left side of her torso with what looks like a pink dragon and black Chinese lettering.

Tuesdays episode of ECW on Sci Fi drew a 1.14 rating and an average of 1.6 million viewers. The number is slightly up from last week's 1.10 rating.

Kofi Kingston is posting blogs on his experience Down Under. You can read them at

Elijah Burke has a new column up on talking about the million dollar contest, Kimbo Slice, the presidential race, and more. Burke also tells a story about a 14-year-old that was sitting next to him on his flight back home last week attempting to steal his PSP. Burke wrote: "As I sat down, I took my iPod out of my bag and placed it in the seat rest in front of me and placed my PSP in the seat rest in front of the kid who was snoring like a hound dog. Needless to say, I was so exhausted that I immediately fell asleep and remained asleep until landing. Upon arriving to my destination, I awoke and grabbed my iPod (that I never listened to, btw) and placed it in my bag and then I reached over to the seat rest in front of the kid to grab my PSP only to notice that it was GONE! Being the highly intelligent sophisticated morally sound human being that I am, I casually looked over to the kid who was sitting to my right, leaned over to him and whispered, "Do you feel lucky, punk? Go ahead, make my day!" Needless to say he immediately took my PSP out of his bag and gave it back to me. The nerve of him. That kid was one Elijah Express away from Neva-Nevadoitagainland!" You can read the the column at

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