Threatening Hogan Voicemails Released, HHH Responds To Steiner

Threatening Hogan Voicemails Released, HHH Responds To Steiner
Video of Peter Rosenberg of Hot 97 in New York's interview with Triple H at the WWE NYC press conference last week is below. In it, he responds to the heat he gets for being married to Vince McMahon's daughter, Scott Steiner bashing him, Ric Flair, and more. You can see the video at

As reported earlier, Hulk Hogan claims to have gotten a threatening phone call from Frank Graziano, the father of John Graziano. The audio from the call is now online and you can listen to it at Once again, there is no way to confirm yet that the person on the call is actually Frank Graziano. Police are investigating this, but the call is pretty bad. The man calls Linda and Brooke Hogan "whores" and promises to urinate on the graves of the Hogan family. He also threatens to "put something" in Hogan's mouth.

Elijah Burke has his latest column up at

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