Chris Harris/WWE, Ron Killings Update, Top WWE VP Leaving, More

Chris Harris/WWE, Ron Killings Update, Top WWE VP Leaving, More

Bubba the Love Sponge, radio show host and one of Hulk Hogan's best friends, will be appearing on Showbiz Tonight tonight on CNN Headline News to talk about the Hogan/Graziano controversy.

Hulk Hogan's new reality show, Celebrity Championship Wrestling, is still filming in Los Angeles. Word is that the crowd has reacted negatively to some of the judge's decisions following matches put on by the celebrities. Also, Brian Knobbs and Brutus Beefcake are being billed as the show's trainers, but in reality, several independent wrestlers including PWG's Joey Ryan are doing most of the training.

Former TNA star Chris Harris is training in FCW right now as he gets ready to head to the WWE main roster. Harris is said to be heavier now than he was for most of his TNA run. Still no update on when Ron Killings will official debut either. He's been working dark matches for nearly a year straight now.

WWE Executive Vice President in Marketing Bob Collins is set to leave the company at the end of the month.

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