More on Chris Harris. After signing with WWE in late January, former TNA wrestler Chris Harris has finally reported to Florida Championship Wrestling after sitting on the sidelines for over four months. He wrestled Kafu at last night's FCW show in New Port Richey, FL. The report on him is that he is still a little heavy. WWE officials were reportedly upset with him regarding his weight gain, feeling that he didn't take care of himself well enough. Back in March, he wrestled in a singlet match in his first dark match with the company to hide his gut.

ECW star Elijah Burke has launched an official website at He plans on posting blogs and stuff on the site. Burke wrote on the site: "Sup Fam? Man, I was about to go ahead and do an impromptu Elijah Experience but was like, naugh, .Com can wait. I decided to come talk to the fam first. So, I hope all of you are enjoying the hard work thats going into this site. Chris, Gina and Myself are doing everything possible to make this site one that you will enjoy and we will be updating it regularly plus there will always be a lil something extra added by YOUR Host of Hosts. So tell me, are you spreading the word?"

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has a health update on Lex Luger, who suffered a severe spinal injury last October and had double hip replacement in February. Luger's health has gradually improved since the injury as he can now stand on his own for brief periods and uses a walker at times, although he lost his motor and finger skills, which are usually the last functions to come back from his particular injury. Luger is unable to lift a one-pound dumbbell, and is now down to 185 pounds. "I was one of the strongest guys on the planet. I was freaky strong before. I was bench-pressing 450 pounds my senior year of high school. I was a freak. Now I can't lift a one-pound dumbbell." Luger also added, "But God tells me that mind, body and spirit and what we are as a man is measured not by our physical strength, but our inner strength." Luger was released from the Shepard hospital in mid-March and now lives in a one-bedroom apartment across the street it, but is OK with it. "I've never been stronger or richer in spirit or as a man as I am right now," Luger said.

The Los Angeles Times has an interview with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, which you can read at Johnson said he took a lot of chances during his wrestling career. "It got to a point where there was nothing I was not willing to try in front of a live audience," Johnson said. "Sometimes I stank, and sometimes it was grand slams, and those balls still haven't come down." He also commented on dropping "The Rock" from his name. "When I made the transition into film, I knew eventually I was going to be billed as my given name," he said. "I wanted the transition to happen naturally. Ten years ago [when he went into films and television], I didn't want to make an announcement or a statement, 'From this day forward, I'm an actor.' I didn't want to make a big deal about it. There was just a natural and easy way for the transition to happen." Johnson also said that he hopes to structure his acting career like Tom Hanks or Will Smith.

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