For anyone keeping tabs, Elijah Burke was last seen on television on the 5/30 SmackDown in a loss to Matt Hardy, so he's been off television for over a month now. Although, he was barely even being used then either. Since WrestleMania, Burke has wrestled a total of five matches -- four on television, one dark match, and not a single match at a house show. As if that isn't enough, after ECW General Manager Theodore Long proclaimed a "New Superstar Initiative" on last night's edition of ECW, so it looks like it's going to be even harder for him to get on television in the months to come. In other Burke news, he posted his latest edition of The Elijah Experience on Monday. Regarding last week's Draft, he wrote: "It's quite simple; most draftees were moved because they needed the change of environment or they had nothing left to accomplish on their respective brands. I, on the other hand, still have to fulfill my destiny which is to become the ECW Champion and prove that I truly am the new face of ECW. To be honest with you, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Do you agree?" He also takes a little potshot at The Miz when talking about people claiming to be from "the streets," but punch like they're from Beverly Hills, like The Miz. "Speaking of fights, I'm so sick of all these people claiming to be from the streets and rough parts of the neighborhoods but yet when you see them in a fight, their punches are reminiscent of someone from Beverly Hills who has never been in a fight in their life, like The Miz. Look, if you're gonna represent a certain place in the world where most of us grew up throwing fists (because we had to), then at least have enough respect to learn how to throw a proper punch; I don't care if you're from Brooklyn, East New Jersey or Jamaica (well, Jamaicans usually just throw bottles and rocks at each other, so I'll excuse 'em), the fact that you fight like a wimp, but claim to be a pimp is just ridiculous."

Devin Cutting sent this in: TNA's house show in Bakersfield, California has been moved to November 2nd, 2008 at 6 PM. The original date was November 1st. Go to for info about upcoming shows.

On the day news breaks out regarding Ashley Massaro's request to leave World Wrestling Entertainment, has her as today's Daily Diva. The site still has yet to post a "future endeavors" message on the site regarding Ashley, so at the moment she's still with WWE.

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