JR Responds To TMZ's Mark Henry Story, His Wages & More

JR Responds To TMZ's Mark Henry Story, His Wages & More
Jim Ross is back with another blog update on his official website, JRsbarbq.com. Below are some of the highlights:

His plans with Mick Foley: If you listen to the commentary Friday night with Mick Foley and me, you just might mine some interesting nuggets out of the show which very well could bring a smile to your face. Mick and I are working diligently to improve our commentary and we remain steadfast with our goal of becoming the best broadcast duo on any WWE TV program. One of my mentors, the late, WWE HOF’er Gorilla Monsoon used to tell people not to break their arms patting themselves on their back and I don’t want to do that but I am confident that our mission statement will come to pass much "Sooner" than expected.

On TMZ’s story regarding Mark Henry winning the ECW Title because of the incident with Michael Hayes: I found it somewhat insulting that TMZ’s website would discount Mark Henry’s athletic abilities and entertainment skills pretty much in total by inferring that Henry became ECW Champion simply because of his ethnicity. Henry’s entire career has been marred by injuries plus let’s not confuse the difference in a traditional wrestler with a wrestling "attraction" a la Andre The Giant which is what Mark Henry is in my professional opinion, an attraction. Mark deserves this opportunity because he has earned it and now it will be up to Mark to raise his game and run with the ball. Henry’s "look" and verbal skills intrigue me.

On reports regarding his pay in WWE: Lots of erroneous info being floated out there about what "J.R. earns" as if it is anyone’s business what another person earns. Some of the numbers that I saw was old data based on when I was a corporate officer in the WWE, an Executive Vice President, of which that ceased in about 2004 as best as I recall. With no longer being a EVP, it also means that one doesn’t receive stock options or stock grants being in the role of an Advisor, as I currently am. Someone dug out old info and used it as if it was current but why let the facts get in the way of a good tale? Nonetheless, I have made a great living in the WWE and unlike some of my peers have saved most of that money and have been fortunate enough to make some sound investments. No "poor me" B.S. here but what many of you have been reading isn’t accurate info, if that matters to you.

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