Now that she's no longer in Florida due to developmental, Maryse aka 'Tiffany' on ECW has moved to Hollywood, California. "I moved to Hollywood last weekend," Maryse said. "I still have my house in Montreal, but I have established myself in the land of actors. I'm really excited about that. I have this beautiful house in the Hollywood Hills."

As noted yesterday, there has been talk within WWE about possibly shifting Smackdown tapings to Friday where they could run the show live. One source has indicated this talk could possibly be why the original decision to push ECW tapings to Monday night's before Raw was postponed for the time being as that plan was set to go in place in August, but has since been delayed. It should be noted that WWE has yet to announce any Smackdown TV tapings for October, which makes things interesting since the show officially starts on MyNetworkTV on October 3. One of the things always against running Smackdown live was the fact that WWE's Kevin Dunn didn't want to extend the work week for his production team as they would have to spend an extra two days on the road and at least one extra day on PPV weekends. There is a contention of people within WWE that does agree that while having production on the road longer than normal would be negative, the deal with MyNetworkTV really has to take off and work because the only other serious bidder for the show was WGN and that doesn't nearly have the kind of viewer penetration WWE needs for Smackdown.

As reported earlier today, Ashley Massaro noted on her MySpace page that she has asked for a release from her WWE contract due to an illness to her seven-year-old daughter. Celeb blog posted an article on the news, saying they're skeptical of the story. "I am skeptical of her story, given how she claimed the Rolling Stone article about her escorting was false but no lawsuit ever formulated; but situations like this have happened before and with much more money on the line," wrote. "Massaro's story could very well be true, and if so then god bless, but the timing seems a little too suspicious."

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