As noted earlier, Finlay was moved to ECW in last week's Supplemental Draft. Officials made the decision to move Finlay to ECW to help young wrestlers make the transition between developmental and the main roster what with his role as a wrestler/coach. The wrestler/coach role was originally earmarked for Chris Benoit last year, but the company had no one to take it over after his sudden suicide.

Regarding Hornswoggle's transition to ECW, he was moved from SmackDown as not to break up his popular act with Finlay. However, the feeling is that Hornswoggle isn't a good fit on ECW. ECW is not really a kid-friendly product and his main appeal is to children under the age of 10.

Tuesday night's edition of ECW on Sci Fi drew a 1.4 cable rating, a huge increase over last week, not to mention the show's best number in a while.

As noted earlier, ECW's newest Superstar Atlas Ortiz is a former football player, having spent time in the XFL, the Canadian Football League (CFL), the Arena Football League (AFL), as well as the Kansas City Chiefs practice squad in the National Football League ten years ago. His real name is Rich Young and he played at Tulsa in college. His profile from his time in the Arena Football League is still online, and you can see it at He looks significantly different in the photo they have posted compared to how he looks now.

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