Trevor Murdoch was moved from RAW to Smackdown because the RAW creative team didn't have any ideas for him but Michael Hayes said he did. Most are surprised that WWE released him.

The poster for the 8/10 TNA Hard Justice PPV features Samoa Joe and LAX. It also mentions performances from hip-hop articles including Ice-T.

Austen Allen sent this in: Regarding the note on The Wrestling Channel, only TNA Wrestling is no longer being shown on it, they still show ROH at least 2 or 3 times a week. It's now called The Fight Network and is mainly focused on, as reported, MMA and cage wrestling. As far as Bravo 2's coverage of TNA, they still seem to be playing catch-up, only recently covering the story of AJ Styles staying with his grandma and making a decision whether to side with Angle or Cage. Also, I have not seen a single episode of Xplosion shown but they do show the PPV's 3 days later on a Wednesday and repeated the following Saturday.

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