Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

SmackDown head writer Michael Hayes is said to be high on DH Smith, who was moved over to SmackDown in last week's Supplemental Draft. Hayes has reportedly been high on him since his start in the company just over two years ago. The belief is that Smith will at least get an opportunity to shine on his own merits on SmackDown, a sharp contrast to his treatment on Raw. After his return from suspension late last year, Smith worked a grand total of three television matches on the flagship show and was mercilessly pummeled in every single one of them. Smith was massacred by Umaga in a total squash match that lasted two minutes on the 2/25 Raw. On the 3/17 Raw, Smith appeared in the Cena & Orton vs. "The Entire Raw Roster" match. Cena defeated Smith in about 30 seconds with three of his trademark moves, and wasn't able to get a lick of offense on him to boot. And of course, there was his match with JBL on the 5/5 Raw in which he was pummeled by JBL. Smith was carried off on a stretcher following the match. It also marked Smith's final appearance on the Raw brand, and he hasn't been seen in a WWE ring since. He's been working developmental shows in the meantime.

Speaking of Michael Hayes, his first show back with the Smackdown crew was last Tuesday in Houston, Texas on June 24. According to reports, the first thing Hayes did was get with Mark Henry and apologize to him.

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