Joey Styles Discusses CM Punk, Michelle McCool Summer Skin

Joey Styles Discusses CM Punk, Michelle McCool Summer Skin
- Diva Michelle McCool is the first Diva featured on's Summer Skin. There is a nice article about her teaching career prior to her WWE role.

- Former ECW announcer and boss Joey Styles recently blogged about CM Punk:

"I spent the rest of Monday evening hanging out with the new World Heavyweight Champion, clad in his trademark baggy jeans, dirty Cubs cap and worn T-shirt, knowing that this young man will not be affected in any way by his newly earned success. Punk will always be Punk. He's not just a character you see on television. Punk is genuinely that grounded person all day, every day which is why I believe our fans, specifically our younger fans flock to him. Hopefully, his message of drug free hard work will resonate with those youngsters as well. In fact, drug-free hard work is a message that will hopefully resonate with all Americans on Independence Day…and every day."

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