GAB RAW Main Event **SPOILER**, 5+ Minute 'Cena Sucks' Chant

GAB RAW Main Event **SPOILER**, 5+ Minute 'Cena Sucks' Chant
The World Heavyweight Title bout for the Great American Bash is expected to be a three-way match between CM Punk, John Cena and John Bradshaw Layfield.

WWE's Raw brand house show in Lima, Peru at the Estadio Nacional drew an estimated 28,000 fans, although they were hoping for 45,000. John Cena reportedly got a "CENA SUCKS!" chant that went on for five straight minutes during his match with Triple H. H beat Cena after an FU and two pedigrees.

According to the official preview, CM Punk will be wrestling Batista in a World Heavyweight Championship match at this Friday's Raw brand house show at the Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky. Punk will also be wrestling Batista at the 8/23 Raw brand house show at Madison Square Garden. No other matches are listed, but John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Kane, Cryme Tyme, Santino Marella, Beth Phoenix, Mickie James and others are scheduled to appear.

Jim Ross is back with another blog, which you can read at in its entirety. Some highlights: His New SmackDown Schedule: My new Smackdown-based schedule allows for me to be at home on the weekendís which is a helluva perk for a budding restaurateur and for a guy who likes to see his young granddaughters. This is really the best work schedule that I have ever had and I am really happy that I wrote so many blogs about not wanting to move brands during the draft or, as "sources close to the decision makers" say, it might not have happened. WWE's Overseas Tour: There will be some weary travelers arriving into New Orleans this weekend from the latest international tour that included stops in Chile, Peru, and Panama. The Lima, Peru event on July 3 grossed over $1M which pretty awesome. The wrestlers had a 5 hour flight delay getting into Peru but the event still started pretty much right on time. The traveling party went directly from the airport to the modified soccer field utilizing a police escort to make up for lost time and not to keep the fans waiting. Trevor Murdoch's Release: It was surprising to see that likable Trevor Murdoch was released this week from the WWE. This one really caught me off guard as I personally always liked the Harley Race trained wrestler who I know will land on his feet and continue to grow in the business that he loves. I was looking forward to calling Murdochís Smackdown bouts but, as The King always says, one canít grieve forever. I do wish Murdoch nothing but success and great health. This business is all about challenges and obstacles and how one handles them. has a small article on WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young.

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