Credit: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

- Shelton Benjamin moving to Smackdown was seen as a large surprise, due to the fact that Michael Hayes has never been high on him. Hayes has voiced the opinion in meetings that Benjamin his lazy and never seized the opportunities when he had promo time or during his many "start-and-stop" big pushes. There is talk of running of running a Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin feud, but most feel that it will take Hardy down several notches from where he was.

- There are many in the company high on Deuce. He is scheduled to be repackaged soon, but there are a number of producers/agents who are skeptical because the feeling is he won't be good in singles matches. The general feeling is that he has a lot of charisma, but that his in ring timing and mechanics are well below average.

- Domino may not last long for the company.

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