Thanks to Thomas Bradley for sending this in... Ever wonder what company make the WWE opens and superstars larger than life well I found the answer. WWE has a pyrotechnics company that has been with them since the beginning that company is none other than Zenith Pyrotechnology. The company is based in Deer Park New York and their clients includes Michael Jackson, KISS, Rob Zombie, UFC among other acts. Their website has photos of WWE's "Inferno Match", Ozzy Osborne's WWE's "Friday Night SMACKDOWN!" performance, WWE Wrestlemania 23 pyro open, last years WWE Survivor Series pyro open and even the very infamous Vince McMahon limo death explosion that aired on June 11, 2007, WWE aired a segment at the end of RAW that featured McMahon entering a limousine moments before it exploded. Also when you log on a video package is shown of all their clients most of the video is WWE pyro action. Just wanted to pass along this interesting information so fans can see who does their favorite WWE superstar pyro such as Jeff Hardy!

Thanks to Josh Hipple for sending this in... Thought you might like to know this info to maybe break the story. According the the Wikipedia page for Summerslam 2008 the Official song for the event will be Ready to Roll by the band Jet Black Stare. Their MySpace page has the song in its player available to be added toy our own profile as well as has a fan video tribute to CM Punk and Kelly Kelly set to the same song.

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