Scott Hall is widely known as one of the greatest and most entertaining professional wrestlers to ever set foot in the squared circle and for very good reason. His wrestling talent suits his entertainment talent, basically translating, his style of professional wrestling from the way he throws a punch to the way he throws out a fallaway slam matches in perfect synchronization to his microphone and interview talents and the way he is in real life outside of the ring.

The one thing that has plagued Scott Hall throughout his illustrious career however are his personal demons. His tendency to throw away opportunities in life and in his career in exchange for depression and alcohol abuse, now, anyone who has a past of studying alcohol abuse, or has a family member who suffers from alcohol abuse knows that when it feels like your life is a rock bottom, it is not easy to recover and you turn to the bottle once again. It is not an easy demon to release, but it is one that is capable of being released if you really want something bad enough.

Scott's demon was alcohol, he would often fall asleep backstage at shows when he was scheduled for a match-up, he would often pass out on car rides and come to the ring intoxicated forcing his opponent to carry him for the entire bout, one of the most memorable being his match-up with "The Total Package" Lex Luger in which Scott refused to co-operate with any of Lex's moves and refused to sell making Lex, who was in the middle of a big push in the now Wolfpac, look weak.

This was just one of the many downfalls that the alcohol abuse has posed against Scott Hall throughout his career, but can he help it? Will his life allow him to recover? Right when Scott Hall was looking on the verge of an illustrious and long awaited return to professional wrestling in the December of 2007 at TNA's turning point in reuniting with his long time best friend and tag-team partner Kevin Nash as The Outsiders, Scott Hall pulled a no show citing food poisoning. This of course was not the case, and it later came out after missing several other independent shows, that he was suffering from depression from not being able to see his Children.

That is something that must make a man feel terrible, not able to see his family. Since then, Scott Hall has since entered rehab along with his friend Jake Roberts and Sean Waltman thanks to influence from Kevin Nash. Scott Hall is making all the effort and all the progress in the world in another attempt

to rebuild his career, to fix business relationships he has broke in the past and to get his life back on track, that is something to admire.

The question is though, Scott Hall has finished his rehab, but has relapsed yet again. Will he have the chance to do what he wants? Will he have the chance for a final run in a major organization, that being World Wrestling Entertainment or Total Nonstop Action? Will TNA even consider hiring him after his no-show at the Turning Point pay per view this year?

Scott Hall is a major fan favorite and an incredible draw and asset no matter where he works, but he is also a real enigma. You never know what the man is really thinking because he seemingly disguises it so well. I have been a fan of Scott Hall my entire life and I would love to see him have another run in WWE or TNA as a main event caliber performer.

The man is taking every precaution necessary to bring both his life and his career to the point in which he can be happy, that, in its own right, is admirable. I personally think that if Scott Hall is attempting to do this much for himself, then yes, to answer the topic question, I am 99.9% certain that Scott Hall has what it takes to recover his career and make an illustrious return to the mainstream scene, after all, with a resume and a legacy such as Hall's, it would be truly illustrious and fantastic for fans and ratings alike.

Get well soon Scott, you are missed greatly, and I hope to see you in the mainstream and global wrestling ring again in the near future. You are a very strong man, I have all the respect in the world for you for what you are doing to improve yourself and defeat your demons. Yes, Scott Hall can and WILL recover his career, rest assured on that.


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