They play part two of the video packages featuring clips of Booker T's wrestling school. Booker T's students are interviewed for the promo. Booker T begins to talk about winning the TNA World Championship belt tonight.

We get highlights from Taylor Wilde defeating Awesome Kong for the Knockouts title on TNA iMPCT!

TNA Knockouts Championship Match
Taylor Wilde vs. Awesome Kong (with Raisha Saeed)

Before the bell rang, Taylor Wilde held up the TNA Championship belt and then Kong attacked her from behind, and nearly scored a pinfall in the first thirty seconds of the match.

Awesome Kong tried to force Taylor Wilde submit, but Taylor Wilde wouldn't give up. Taylor Wilde scored a near fall, and looked worried. Taylor Wilde rolled up Awesome Kong for the victory at 4:50 to retain the TNA Knockouts Championship belt. After the match, Saeed attacked Taylor Wilde and dragged her back into the ring to be double teamed.

Winner: Taylor Wilde

Awesome Kong gave Taylor Wilde the implant buster. Before Awesome Kong could drop Taylor Wilde on a chair, Abyss comes and makes his way to the ring. Awesome Kong didn't show fear as Abyss entered the ring. Saeed told Awesome Kong to leave the ring. Saeed then slapped Abyss, but he just grinned and black hole slammed Saeed.

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