The TNA/CMLL relationship may be growing into a healthy one coming out of the X-Cup. While not official, CMLL is more open to sending Mistico and Perro Aguayo Jr to work some TNA dates, which if that happens TNA would in turn allow Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle to work Arena Mexico.

The door is open for Scott D'Amore to return to the company if he wishes. Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter thanked him for his years of service to the company and were positive about his request to leave.

Stacy Keibler will be appearing at this year's Comic-Con convention in San Diego on Friday, July 25. The former WWE Diva will be there to promote her new ABC Family channel series "Samurai Girl" TV. The sho will air as a special event premiering with six hours over three nights, on September 5, 6, and 7. Visit for more on Keibler's appearance.

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