WWE Great American Bash Results

WWE Great American Bash Results Triple H, JBL, Jericho Victorious

WWE Great American Bash Results
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WWE Tag Team Championship Fatal Four Way
The four teams worked an average match. At one point, Hornswoggle did a dive to the outside of the ring onto Miz and Morrison. Jim Ross and Mick Foley pointed out that Miz and Morrison don't have to lose the fall to lose the championship about forty times. Hawkins or Ryder (I still have a hard time telling them apart) pinned Jesse to win the WWE Tag Team Championship.

Winners and New WWE Tag Team Champions: Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder

WWE United States Championship Match
Matt Hardy (c) vs. Shelton Benjamin
The crowd was alive during this match. There was a pretty long dueling "Let's Go Shelton"/"Let's Go Hardy" chant which surprised me. Mick Foley noted that his son Dewey's favorite wrestler is Shelton Benjamin because he can do things that no other WWE wrestler can do. These two worked a really good match and have good chemistry together. Shelton looked really good, better than I've seen him for awhile.

At one point Hardy was jumping onto Benjamin from the top srope, but Shelton caught him in mid air and threw him power bomb style into the corner turnbuckles. The finish saw Matt Hardy go for the moonsault but land faced first on Benjamin's knee and Benjamin hit pay dirt to get the win.

Winner & New WWE United States Champion: Shelton Benjamin

Jim Ross and Michael Cole previewed CM Punk vs. Batista. They showed an interview with CM Punk from this past Monday from WWE.com. Solid promo.

They went to Jim Ross and Mick Foley, and they aired the closing angle from Smackdown! this past Friday night. The WWE Mobile Poll is "Who Do you sympathize with more: Edge or Vickie Guererro?"

The bathroom break . . . er, ECW Championship match is up next.

ECW Championship Match
Mark Henry (c) vs. Tommy Dreamer
Tazz noted that there have been 2 title changes tonight and if there will be a third to which Mike Adamle replied "I hope not". Weird. I really hope this match is short. Tony Atlas does add something by pairing with Henry, Henry looks more like a major player.

Mark Henry started the match showing his power and throwing Dreamer around the ring. Henry spent the next several minutes dominating Dreamer. The crowd is completely dead. Some "Boring chants" while Henry had Dreamer in a wristlock. Henry has continued to dominate Dreamer except for minor short flurries of offense from Dreamer. The finish saw Tommy Dreamer climb to the top rope and Colin Delaney turned on him by snapping Dreamer's left arm on the top rope, causing Dreamer to land in the ropes and Henry finished Dreamer off with the World's Strongest Slam to retain the title. Pretty weak heel turn by Delaney with no heat.

Winner & Still ECW Champion: Mark Henry

They aired a video previewing Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels.

Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho
The two started off with a staredown. Michaels was selling his ribs early on.

At one point Michaels was standing on the ring apron and Jericho jumped to the top rope and hit a dropkick on Michaels, knocking him out of the ring. Once back in the ring, Jericho started working on Michaels' ribs. Match surprisingly doesn't have a lot of heat early on, seems like the ECW match sucked the life out of the crowd.

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