On Thursday night's edition of TNA iMPACT!, Mike Tenay said Daivari is now going under his royal Arabic name, Sheik Abdul Bashir. A promo video followed with the former Daivari in an expensive suit. He talked about how he came to the United States to live the American Dream, but whenever people see him, they just want to pat him down for bombs. He called America the most slanted society on the planet, and said that due to his success, he's "more American than you."

A video preview for the new TNA "Best of the Bloodiest Brawls: Scars and Stitches" DVD is up at TNAWrestling.com. Looks like one of the better TNA releases in quite some time.

As noted earlier, former WWE star Savio Vega recently announced his candidacy for Governor of Puerto Rico. InfiniteMediaMia sent in the following: Puerto Rican wrestling legend and former WWE star "Juan Rivera" better known as Savio Vega announces his candidacy for Governor of Puerto Rico. Savio Vega who will soon take a position with TNA wrestling as an agent has thrown his name in the hat in the up coming November elections in Puerto Rico, as a "write in" candidate is said to be serious about running for Governor of Puerto Rico and has dismissed all rumors of his decision to run as if part of any angle or work. Savio Vega has formed the P.L.P. "Partido Luchador Puertoriqueno", his decision to use the word Luchador which means Wrestler in English is based on the Spanish meaning for Luchador which also means at times as someone who fights through struggles etc.

"Puerto Rico is facing many struggles against corruption, rising crime and economic battles, it needs a leader who lives and breathes the common Puerto Rican way of life, someone who struggles the same as the next guy, someone who fully understands what the priorities in Puerto Rico "should be", someone who can restore order to our Caribbean treasure, that someone I truly believe is me."

"I've traveled the world and have seen hardship in many places, but I've also seen many of those places pick themselves right up, luckily Puerto Rico isn't in such dire conditions as so many other countries are, but if we don't take a stand now and start reversing the ill effects Puerto Rico has gone through the pass decade, who knows what awaits us in the future, I sure as hell wont just sit around and watch my country decay in such a manner."

"This is my country, my home, I bare it's flag and it's history not only in the wrestling ring but in my heart, I live Puerto Rico everyday of my life no matter where I am and if I can do anything that can help benefit the future of this island and it's people, count me in."

When asked about what sort of leader he would make, Savio had the following to say. "I know one thing for sure, I won't spend my day sitting behind a desk wearing a suit all day, the people wont have to come to me, I'll go to them instead,spend time listening to their concerns and do the best that I can to ensure a better future."

For updates on Savio Vega you can visit IWAPR.tv or his official Myspace page at Myspace.com/TheSavioVega

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