WWE Takes Shot At Savage, Plus Notes On Santino, Unforgiven, RAW, More

WWE.com has a new edition of Santino's Casa up.

Tickets for WWE Unforgiven on 9/7 in Cleveland, OH go on sale on 8/9.

The main event for WWE's 8/23 RAW house show at Madison Square Garden has changed again. The main event is now CM Punk vs. JBL in a cage match.

WWE.com has put up a list of the top 25 finishing moves of all-time. Over a year ago, WWE Magazine did a similar list and ranked the FU as the number one finisher of all-time. However, it's ranked No. 20 on this list. Also, they apparently took a swipe at "Macho Man" Randy Savage in their description of his "Macho Man Elbow Drop" move. They wrote: "Before the "Macho Madness" and his horrible rap albumb - yes, we said rap album - Randy Savage delighted crowds as one of WWE's brightest stars of the 80s. His finisher, the Elbow Drop, was poetry in motion from the time he hit the turnbuckle, bringing "Macho Man" two WWE title reigns. Alas, nothing could save Savage from his biggest rival - himself. Dig it?"

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