Mae Young/RAW, Punk's Broken Nose, Luger Update, More

Mae Young/RAW, Punk's Broken Nose, Luger Update, More has a clip of Mae Young working the "Kiss Cam" at last night's tapings in Washington, D.C.. WWE had flown Young in for a segment on Raw that ended up getting re-written, so they used her in this role instead.

CM Punk's nose was bleeding profusely from his match with William Regal last night on Raw. has posted some photos of Punk tending to his bleeding nose backstage.

Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Lex Luger was a guest speaker at the Carolyn Baptist Church in Dalton, Georgia this past Sunday. According to a brief article on him, he wanted to tell his story. They wrote:

Lex Luger has endured a tough past few years. Run-ins with the law. Drug abuse. Partial paralysis. Now after becoming a born-again Christian, Luger wants to tell his story." Luger is still undergoing rehabilitation at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, but he can at least walk on his own now. Although, he is unable to lift a dumbbell, and is down to around 170 pounds.

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