As noted earlier, Kevin Nash walked out of the iMPACT! taping on Wednesday night due to a booking decision he wasn't pleased with. On next week's iMPACT!, TNA will be holding yet another Gauntlet Royal Rumble style 10-man match. Nash was scheduled to participate in the match and get eliminated during a commercial break, which he thought was stupid. He then walked out on the taping. Nonetheless, they worked things out afterwards and he's still affiliated with the company.

Regarding Travis Tomko's departure from TNA after Wednesday night's iMPACT! taping, he had been trying to balance his contractual commitments in both Japan and the U.S. at the same time, which led to conflicts on both sides. One source said the departure was due to issues with creative. Tomko had a reputation of turning down their ideas, and not wanting to work certain dates with TNA, so a decision was made to split. Tomko had been in the doghouse with management for a while, which stifled his push. Back in April, Tomko went to Japan for the Inoki Genome Federation instead of attending a TNA Fanfest convention.

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