Sabu has been calling around looking to get booked. A few months back he had stated that he thought his career was done, but now says after a few months of rest that he can get back in the ring. He will be limited in what he can do. This could mean better things for Sabu these days. We'll have to see the shape he's in once he returns. Lets hope for the best because I had heard he was in really rough shape since leaving WWE. recently interviewed Abyss as well as The Motor City Machineguns about the upcoming TNA video game.

Kurt Angle will be throwing out the first pitch tomorrow at the Philadelphia Phillies game.

Tickets for the Bound for Glory Fan Festival will go on sale Friday at

- Here are the latest TNA DVD release dates:
* Slammiversary 2008 8.19.08
* TNA Knocked Out (The TNA Ladies) 10.07.08
* TNA Ultimate Matches (Gimmick Matches) 10.21.08

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