ECW On Sci Fi Report - 08/12/08
Scope Arena in Norfolk, Va.
Report by James Cadwell of

The show started with Todd Grisham and Matt Striker plugging Henry & Hardy vs. Miz & Morrison for tonight. ... Tommy Dreamer then came to the ring with plenty of weapons in hand for the extreme rules match against Colin Delaney. Delaney then came out looking very frightened with no weapons in hand. Colin stood on the floor refusing to get into the ring, but the ref called for the bell.

1 -- TOMMY DREAMER vs. COLIN DELANEY -- Extreme Rules match

Colin tried to high-tail it up the ramp to the back, but Dreamer quickly retrieved him and whipped him into the shopping cart full of weapons. Colin came back with a finger-smash on the ring steps, but Dreamer smacked him with a Kendo stick. Back in the ring, Dreamer with a sick t-bone suplex after placing the stick in the crotchal region. Striker with a Duke the Dumpster Droese reference on Dreamer taking out the trash via the surfboard dropkick sending a can into Colin's face. Dreamer tried to follow with a can lid to the face, but Colin moved and scored a nearfall. Dreamer then quickly came back with a spike DDT on a STOP sign for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Dreamer in 4:00. Predictable squash that takes us back a few weeks ago when Dreamer squashed Colin after Colin turned on him. Colin could be better-utilized, but it doesn't seem like WWE is interested in taking that approach right now. (*)

Backstage: Lena brought in Miz and Morrison to congratulate them on the Dirt Sheet's TV debut last week. Cue up the video package that tried to cover for how rough it was. Back to Miz and Morrison, who said they were hilarious last week. A few pop-culture references later, Miz said Hardy and Henry are going to find out that there are winners and there are losers in life. He told them to be jealous.

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Smackdown Rebound: All Edge, all-the-time. ... In-ring: Evan Bourne came to the ring with a little extra strut in his step prior to facing Bam Neely, who was still selling injuries from Edge on Friday night. According to Mr. Scoop Matt Striker, Chavo is ordering Bam to compete tonight despite a concussion.

2 -- BAM NEELY (w/Chavo Guerrero) vs. EVAN BOURNE

Grisham talked about Bourne being a young athlete trying to make his mark, whereas some of the other young superstars are never heard from again. Ouch. Striker talked about Bourne's background in St. Louis, but him also getting his training with Dragon's Gate in Japan. Striker is earning more and more points with his commentary in each match. Bourne made a comeback with a strike kick, then he nailed the stand-still moonsault for a nearfall. Bourne followed with a nice DDT before going up top and nailing the beautiful Shooting Star Press for the pin and the win. Chavo, selling his own injuries from Smackdown, could only hop onto the apron and point his finger at Bourne after the match.

WINNER: Bourne in 3:00. Bourne continues to impress each week, and he's certainly making the most of his current opportunity. He's an instant breath of fresh air, which WWE is slowly starting to capitalize on while assuredly testing Bourne's mentality to see how he responds to the sudden success and TV push. (*1/4)

Backstage: Teddy Long was talking to his assistant about getting on some marketing plan. Armando Estrada then stormed in and held up his official ECW contract. He told Teddy to sign the contract, and Teddy agreed to do so. Teddy said they're even going to celebrate. Tiffany brought in the champagne for a toast to Armando's first official match on ECW. Teddy said the opponent...Finlay. And the match is next. Armando gulped, then left.

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3 -- FINLAY (w/Hornswoggle) vs. ARMANDO ESTRADA

A minute into the match, Mike Knox came out on stage looking very upset with Finlay. Striker with the point that Knox is confusing the "E" in WWE (the Summerslam promotional video of Finlay dancing with Hornswoggle) with Finlay being a tough fighter in the ring. Finlay dominated the first three minutes, but he took his eye off the ball to stare down Knox, allowing Armando to whip him hard across the bottom rope to take control. Finlay let Armando get his offense in, but then he put him in position for the Celtic Cross and stared down Knox. He then delivered the finisher and covered Armando for the win without taking his eye off Knox.

Afterward, Finlay called for Knox to join him in the ring, but Knox opted to head backstage. Finlay and Hornswoggle put the "E" in WWE with an Irish jig before bringing a youngster into the ring to dance with them.

WINNER: Finlay in 5:00. Fine TV match to continue building the Finlay-Knox feud that has the slightest potential of becoming something interesting on TV each week. Slightest. But, it gives Finlay something to focus on each week. (*)

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Backstage: Teddy Long and Tiffany were still sipping on some champagne when Ricky Atlas Ortiz stepped in with his marketing pitch. Ortiz was pitching a Ricky O'Reilly towel or something. Apparently this is another name change. He pictured all of his fans waving the towels around and going crazy. Ricky just needed Teddy to foot the bill on producing about 50,000 of these. Teddy assured Ricky he would take care of it as long as Ricky continues to prove himself. He booked him in a match next week against a new ECW wrestler to be named. Ricky handed Tiffany the towel and she started waving it around. That was a rough conclusion.

Announcers: Grisham and Striker plugged the Summerslam card for Sunday night.


Backstage: Matt Hardy talked to Mark Henry about trust issues. He said he'd rather team with Lena than team with Henry tonight. Henry said he's only teaming with Hardy so he can get his hands on Miz and Morrison tonight. He vowed to go right through Hardy at Summerslam.

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In-ring: Miz came out first for the main event tag match. Grisham said last week's Dirt Sheet was more like the Disaster Sheet. Striker wondered if Miz's night-club hat comes in a men's style. Grisham wasn't sure whether to laugh at that one, so he repeated his line about the Disaster Sheet last week. Morrison came out, then Mark Henry with Tony Atlas walked out as one-half of the opposition. After Henry's music determined that somebody is getting his kicked, Matt Hardy's music hit to a strong ovation. Striker said the announce table shook from the crowd response.

4 -- ECW champion MARK HENRY (w/Tony Atlas) & MATT HARDY vs. THE MIZ & JOHN MORRISON

Striker added some good points that Hardy has an opportunity to get a different look at Henry prior to challenging for the gold at Summerslam. Henry started things off and took apart the former tag champs. Hardy then slipped into the ring to show he has Henry's back, with Henry slowly turning around to stare down Hardy, who quietly slipped back to the apron. They cut to break.

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[Q5 -- over-run]

Hardy and Henry took turns working over Morrison coming out of the break. They showed a spot from during the break of Henry throwing Morrison high into the air before Morrison crashed to the mat. Striker pointed out that Atlas is keeping a close eye on Hardy to presumably get a scouting report on Hardy for Summerslam. Striker's analytical approach to calling the action is very refreshing to make the action seem like a sporting event. Miz and Morrison cornered Hardy in their corner to work him over as the crowd tried to rally behind him. Hardy blocked a corner move with the side effect from the second rope. Henry wanted a hot tag, but Hardy covered Morrison for the surprise win. Finish just kind of came out of nowhere.

Post-match: Henry slid into the ring to take the glory for the victory, as he quickly dumped Miz and Morrison out of the ring. Henry celebrated with his arm raised in victory, then Henry and Atlas helped up Hardy, who was still selling injuries from the tag work. Henry then put an end to the temporary friendship with a giant slam on the ECW Title belt. Hardy writhed in pain like a fish out of water, then Henry and Atlas smiled and celebrated to end the show.

WINNERS: Henry & Hardy in 8:00. Very odd finish to this one with the pin seemingly coming out of nowhere. It looked rough, but in principle, it was a good finish to change it up from the usual tag team formula of always having a hot tag to set up the finish. Henry put a nice touch on the Summerslam build-up to set up the ECW Title match. Overall fine for the intended purpose. (*1/2)

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