Domino's Idea For WWE Creative Shot Down, Ashley Massaro, More

Domino's Idea For WWE Creative Shot Down, Ashley Massaro, More
Regarding the YouTube video ( featuring recently released WWE star Domino portraying a new character, it's actually not that old. It was something he produced and presented to the WWE creative team sometime this year, but they rejected the idea. They believed it was too edgy and not family friendly, according to one source.

On, there's a new promotion for 10% off plus a free pack of WWE trading cards for all orders over $65 at the Shopzone website. In a banner advertisement for the promotion, an image of the trading card of the recently released Ashley Massaro is featured.

Monday's edition of Raw drew a 3.1 rating, a 10 percent drop from the 3.43 figure scored last week. The first hour rating was quite lackluster as the show drew less than a 3.0 rating -- a 2.98. However, the second hour drew a 3.18 rating to bring the overall rating up. The show was watched by 300,000 less viewers than last week. There was also no over-run this week which likely hurt the rating as well.

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