You can see some promotional photos of actor Mickey Rourke in the upcoming move The Wrestler at Most of the photos feature Rourke as the lead character, but there is also a shot of actress Marisa Tomei in her role as a stripper.

Eric Bischoff has posted a blog on his website taking aim at the tabloid media. He eventually goes into a rant on Internet sites, specifically taking aim at the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer, who he also ripped in his book. Wrestling valet Missy Hyatt posts commentary on Meltzer's site, and Bischoff takes aim at her as well, calling her a "middle aged, overweight, silicon-laden troll." Bischoff wrote: The wanna-be TMZ's of the world lower the bar even further to get attention and people that can't find enough negativity to fill the black hole in their own lives, continue to seek out even lower forms of Internet life. Those people need only to become wrestling fans. Once they do, they can seek out Internet sites like Dave Meltzer's that features commentary from a middle aged, overweight, silicon-laden troll whose only real talent was converting her willingness to being passed around by wrestlers as a party favor into a paycheck more than a decade ago. Or worse yet, that headlines bogus "divorce stories" as breaking news only because they didn't bother to do a basic public records check beforehand. They can then subscribe to his 345,000+ word weekly assault on grammar that attempts to be the arbiter of an industry he's never been directly involved with for "inside information".

On last night's edition of the Best Damn Sports Show Period, they showed a number old clips of celebrities badly singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" at Wrigley Field. Former wrestling star "Macho Man" Randy Savage (with former valet Gorgeous George by his side) did the honors in his trademark gravelly voice in the spring of 1999, and his clip was the first one shown.

The ongoing battle between Hulk Hogan and Linda Hogan continues. Hulk was in court this week testifying once again that he should not have to go through with the purchase of a condo in Las Vegas that he had entered into while still with Linda. Linda wants to force him to go through with buying the condo. Hogan has already put an $840,000 down payment on the condo and will lose all of that if he doesn't make another payment within three weeks. Hogan says that because of the poor real estate market, he doesn't want to buy the condo anymore. Hogan also noted that he has created several limited liability corporations to protect his assets in the wake of the Nick Hogan car crash.

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