Health Updates On 'Killer' Kowaliski & Bobby Heenan - Not Good News

Health Updates On 'Killer' Kowaliski & Bobby Heenan - Not Good News
Wrestling legend Wladek (Walter) "Killer" Kowalski, 81, remains in serious condition after suffering a severe heart attack last Friday. He was not expected to survive through the evening. Kowalski was briefly non-responsive, but by Saturday he was responsive to those around him. Kowalski was briefly taken off life support on Saturday, and his heart kept beating on its own. However, he went back on life support by Sunday evening and at last word is in a coma state.

WWE Hall of Famer Bobby "The Brain" Heenan is not doing too well health wise these days as his health is said to be deteriorating?, according to a report on, a site that has interviewed a number of wrestling stars over the past few years. The WWE Hall of Famer's health is so bad that one source told the website that he does not believe Heenan will make it another month. The source said Heenan is now having trouble remembering the people around him. Heenan has been in a Tampa, Florida area hospital since December. He was first put in due to reconstructive surgery on his jaw, after the first surgery was unsuccessful. Heenan was placed in a medically induced coma and was slowly brought out. In late January, Bobby Heenan was brought out, but was unable to speak. He was also in line for some more surgeries to reconstruct his facial features.

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