WWE Release News: Referee Wes Adams & Brad Attitude

All of the performers recently let go by WWE are permitted to compete on indy shows immediately, but unable to appear on television (i.e. TNA) or do interviews during the duration of their 90-day no-compete clause.

Former ECW referee Wes Adams, who was released by WWE Friday, is taking wrestling bookings through starrwrestling.tripod.com. He's a trained wrestler in case you don't know.

To clarify, Brad Attitude, who was released by WWE along with two other developmental wrestlers on Tuesday, is actually "Campus Legend" Brad Allen. Allen was a regular on Florida Championship Wrestling shows before his release. He's a wrestler from the Carolinas that was signed to a developmental contract last fall. Upon his debut, he bleached his hair blonde and started doing some sort of fratboy gimmick in which he'd sometimes come to the ring in a beer hat. 2006 Diva Search contestant Milena Roucka was his valet in recent months. You can see Allen's MySpace page at http://www.myspace.com/bradattitude. Another release came in the form of a wrestler by the name of Matt O'Neal. You can see his picture at http://www.cagematch.de/?id=2&nr=5557. He's another wrestler that WWE hired based on size as he's billed at 6-3 and 275 pounds. Hard to tell what his gimmick was, other than wearing sunglasses. He appeared on some FCW shows earlier in the year, but disappeared. Before FCW relaunched the company website last month, his picture was up on the roster page. Following the relaunch, his picture wasn't up anymore, so it seems like even they forgot about him. Also, the website has since removed the pictures of "Campus Legend" Brad Allen and Charles "The Hammer" Evans from the roster section, which should confirm their departures from WWE. WWE.com sometimes announces the releases of developmental talent, but they didn't make an official announcement this time around.

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