As reported last week, Domino (Cliff Compton) was finally released by WWE. It was reported several weeks that he was on the chopping once they broke up his pairing with Deuce. According to some, Domino realized his limitations and may have been too forthcoming about them. He too knew Deuce would be the star as soon as they broke up. While there was talk of making Deuce a big player in WWE, since his switch to Raw in June's Supplemental Draft, he has completely disappeared. He has not appeared on a single show since the draft, including house shows. Anyway, Domino was trying to get people in WWE to see that he was beyond the one-note Greasers gimmick, which likely explains why he'd often take his shirt off during his matches in recent months. He knew the break-up was looming, so he produced a video for a new character several months back for after the break-up of the tag team. He came up with a more modern character talking about "Global Dominotion" as his catchphrase. He also used former OVW announcer Timothy Baltimore as his rapper manager Tiny Tim and a scantily clad woman in the video. The creative team saw the video and were said to be negative on the idea, feeling that it doesn't fit into the company's new directive to make their programming more family friendly. The character probably would have fit in in say, 1999, but not in 2008. WWE continued using Domino in a "Jobber to the Stars" role up until his release two Fridays ago.

We've received a lot of reader e-mails on the "" quick graphic on iMPACT! this past Thursday night. We noted at the time that this is believed to be a push for the Suicide character in the new TNA Impact video game. Kaz is rumored to be playing this role on TV when this game is released.

The TNA website has put up an actual profile page on Sheik Abdul Bashir, which you can see at

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