Rare Triple H Interview With SLAM! Sports

Rare Triple H Interview With SLAM! Sports The Game Discusses Fatherhood, Being A Heel & More

Rare Triple H Interview With SLAM! Sports
Triple H did a rare and insightful interview with SLAM! Sports recently. Here are some of the highlights:

On The Younger Talent: "I hate to sound like an oldtimer, but sometimes I get upset about the young guys," says Triple H. "We've got guys like Arn Anderson, Barry Windham, Ricky Steamboat and Michael Hayes around. That's a wealth of knowledge ... and they still have to make it mandatory for guys to show up early and go into the ring with them.

"When I got into the business, you couldn't get me out of the building. I had a burning desire to get better. Now, the young guys seem more interested in their I Pods or playing Guitar Hero.

"I see guys complaining: 'I've been here for five years and they're not doing anything with me.' I say to the guy: 'Dude, you've been doing the same thing now that you were five years ago. What do you expect?'"

On Being A Father: "It's been great, other than the no-sleep thing," he says. "It's put a whole new spin on life for me. It's changed my perspective about what's important in life. I don't know if it's softened me up, but it changes the way you look at women. I'm probably going to pay for my past."

On His Move To Smackdown: "It's actually worse for me," he says. "When Vince told me, I said I'd go wherever he needed me. It really screws me personally, but we'll make it work. You know when you get into this line of work you're going to be gone a lot. It's really important that the time I get to spend with my family is quality time."

On Being A Face Or A Heel: "It's more fun playing a heel," he says. "I just went to see the movie, Batman (The Dark Knight) ... and I'd so much rather play The Joker than Batman.

"I look at a guy like Edge, and I mean this in the nicest way, he's getting to do such cool things."

To read the full interview at SLAM! Sports, click here. (Thanks To Cecilia)

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