Scramble Match Rules Revealed, Cherry's Future, Hot Candice Pics

Scramble Match Rules Revealed, Cherry's Future, Hot Candice Pics
WWE announced the following rules for the Unforgiven 5-man Scramble match on the WWE Fan Nation site: The match has a 20-minute time limit. The champion and a randomly selected challenger will start the match, with a new challenger entering the match every five minutes. If a Superstar scores a pinfall or submission on any other Superstar in the match, he is declared the "temporary" champion for match purposes (and is not officially recognized as champion in the title history). He holds that designation until another Superstar scores a subsequent pinfall or submission on any other Superstar.

Despite her release from WWE last week, former WWE Diva Cherry will be continuing her wrestling career. Cherry, along with Ron Simmons & "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan (who are both able to take independent bookings), are now available for bookings through [email protected] They are available for conventions, autograph sessions and wrestling events.

Speaking of Candice, has put up a brand new photo shoot of her in a hot pink dress.

As noted earlier here on the site, this past week's edition of A.M. Raw drew a 0.7 cable rating. The number is up from last week's 0.6 figure.

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