Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

TNA is doing very well financially, and not only are they profiting, but they have begun to pay back Panda Energy for the millions of dollars they invested in the company during its first 5-years.

Last week there was more internal animosity towards the creative team than ever before. There were complaints about too many stipulation and weapons matches for no reason, and also complaints about too many super hero segments with the Prince Justice League. Most feel that even with all of the internal complaining nothing will change. There are lots of complaints that Joe is being booked as a whining complainer instead of the strong face champion that he was.

There are some in management were that feel the only reason the talent was so mad at creative was because they did a three-day house show run before the two days of TV.

The booking team is using a style of booking recently where everything is built around constant swerves. Many feel that it has been fun and entertaining, but will cause people to lose emotional attachment with the product.

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