WWE Magazine has just released the October issue with Batista on the cover. The issue contains MyNetworkTV promos with Jeff Hardy, The Undertaker, Triple H and Maria. (Thanks to D305619)

Bobby Heenan's daughter Jessica dropped us a line about her father's condition and some of the rumors circulating regarding "The Brain":

I am writing to the editor(s) of this site to set a few things straight for the fans of my dad Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. I was pulled aside at work last week and asked how long my dad had? (WHAT????) I just wanted everyone to know that the story that my dad only had a month to go and he doesn't know the people around him is completely false. He is in fact making a slow and steady recovery since his jaw replacement in December 2007. He has lost nothing of his sense of humor that makes him "The Brain" and certainly remembers everyone around him. I would like to point out that he still has trouble talking and has started speech therapy to reteach his muscles how to work properly. He is otherwise in great health and spirits as I am about to give him his first grandchild, a boy due in October. The whole family is happy and excited.

I am certainly not made at you guys, for you usually have pretty good information. This time however you were misinformed. I not only write to you on behalf of my dad, who is the greatest person (and manager!) I have ever known, but for his fans who deserve to know the truth. I just want to let everyone know that "The Brain" is still here. You can't get rid of him that easily!

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