Following last night's ECW on Sci Fi, it was confirmed that Matt Hardy, The Miz, Chavo Guerrero and Finlay have qualified for the ECW Championship Scramble to face champion Mark Henry at Unforgiven.

According to Bill Behrens, reports that Shannon Moore was at Tuesday night's iMPACT! taping in Orlando, FL are incorrect. Several fans must have mistaken him for someone else.

UFC fighter Jon Koppenhaver has legally changed his name to "War Machine." Koppenhaver appeared on The Ultimate Fighter and wrote on his MySpace blog about how made he was that UFC wouldn't call him "War Machine" in his last fight because TNA threatened a lawsuit having trademarked the name in sports entertainment for Rhino. He said he has used the name for six years and even has it tattooed on his body. Koppenhaver had the following to say in response: "Turns out some gay ass wrestling federation threatened to sue them because they recently named one of their wrestlers The War Machine Rhino and trademarked the name. If you know my personality than you know damn well I am not gonna let some f-ggot ass fake wrestler steal my name."

Obviously the decision to bring Rey Mysterio back this soon for the World Heavyweight Championship Scramble match at the Unforgiven pay-per-view was a last minute one. Basically, WWE did what they had to do and with Cena's injury, a lot of booking and storyline direction had to be changed. Rey Mysterio was not in the building on Monday night, which is why they just went with a video on the big screen of him in action instead of a live appearance. Like I said, everything was pretty much last minute. Rey will probably work limited spots in the Scramble match as he was just able to start fully training again just a little over a week ago. A guy like Rey Mysterio can get back into shape in no time, but he most likely will not be 100% for the Unforgiven match but he will be close. Rey still has a little bit of work to do before getting ready for the match but he has been known to come back strong before.

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