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I just returned from the WWE SupersShow down at the Scottrade Center. I've been in attendance for several RAWs and a few SmackDowns that stopped off through St. Louis and this has by far been the best show-even last year's Judgment Day PPV couldn't hold a candle to tonight. So here's the rundown of the matches:

1) Dark Match Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Go Shiozaki, who was accompanied by Tony Atlas. Much like the previous week when former ROH Champ Morishima had a dark match, Shiozaki was slightly smaller, but still had the broad build. Yang would win with his moonsault finisher and there was no interference from Atlas.

Raw Spoilers

Next, we would have Lillian Garcia, Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler come out for the start of RAW. The first segment started off with Native St. Louisian Randy Orton (with his arm in a sling) running down all the current champs since his absence ( Phoenix, Marella, Rhodes/DiBiase, and Punk) on the RAW brand. It appeared Orton was shooting on Punk bringing up his indy wrestling background without naming ROH and saying that he was lucky to win the briefcase and the title, but it would not be long lasting. This brought out CM Punk who shot back and mentioned how stupid it was for him to ride his motorcycle at 3am and have a crash and that he didn't have a granddaddy and daddy who ushered him into the WWE and Punk had to work hard to get his shot in the big leagues. And Punk promised to keep the title long enough so when Orton does get cleared to wrestle they can truly see who's the better man.

Afterwards, JBL and Kane come into the ring and downgrade Punk. Kane promised that Rey Mysterio would not be appearing later tonight for the 5-Man Battle Royal Match. And finally, Batista comes out and without saying anything spears JBL, Kane, and looks at Punk and delivers another spear and takes Punk down.

There's a backstage segment involving Mike Adamle, Teddy Long, and his blonde assistant talking about showcasing both a RAW and ECW 5-Man Battle Royals to build-up the Scramble Matches at Unforgiven. In true Adamle fashion, Adamle makes an uncalled for wisecrack that this experience is synonymous with a Jerry Lewis Telethon without the sick kids (talk about the crickets chirping on this one). Then, Kane interrupts to question why Adamle booked Mysterio in the 5-Man Scramble and he says just to see if he would answer the challenge whether or not he was indeed alive or dead.

First match is John Charlito...naw it's only Charlie Haas pretending to be Cena with all his mannerisms as well as wearing his attire and throwing his cap out to the crowd. This time he challenges Kofi Kingston and Kingston makes quick work of him with the Trouble in Paradise Spin Kick.

Rhodes and DiBiase run into Orton out in the hallway and how he's sickened that two thugs stole their belts and they haven't done anything about it. Orton then smacks Rhodes with his good hand while DiBiase holds him back. This action somehow motivates the tag team to get their belts back.

There's a 6-Diva Match featuring Katie Lea, Jillian Hall and Glamazon Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James, Kelly Kelly and a returning Candice Michelle. Candice Michelle pins Phoenix with an inside cradle after botching a few spots after getting the hot tag.

Next match is the ECW 5-Man Battle Royal featuring Hardy, the Miz, Chavo, Finlay, and Mark Henry. Henry throws out Miz and Chavo at the same time. Finlay is thrown out next. Leaving the last two Henry and Hardy. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate, but is reversed and Henry throws him over the top rope for the victory.

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