JBL has a blog entry up on the WWE Fan Nation website making fun of Joey Styles' hair. Check out the entry at fans.wwe.com.

Joey Styles has responded as well as fans.wwe.com.

Sarasita sent this in: Probably their best interview yet that WI Girls Kissing site managed to get an interview with the ever so beautiful Torrie Wilson, her kissing answers were not what I expected sadly: winolimits.com/wi-interview-torrie-wilson.html.

Jeremy sent this in: You mentioned a glitch occurring after the Kowalski graphic at the beginning of Raw on DirecTV and Time-Warner cable the last couple of days. That same glitch occurred on Charter cable here in St. Louis.

Chris Anas sent this in: PrisonPlanet.com has an article on Jesse Ventura. In the article he talks about 9/11 and hinting a run for U.S. president in 2012.

Here are some recent attendance figures for WWE and TNA this past weekend:

WWE Attendance:

No estimate for August 29 (Raw house show) in Cedar Rapids, IA.
August 30 (Raw house show) in Peoria, IL drew 3,000 fans.
August 30 (Smackdown/ECW house show) in Jonesboro, AR drew 3,500 fans.

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