Some more news on Mick Foley's departure from WWE and agreement with TNA Wrestling that was confirmed by Foley himself on Wednesday in a statement from The Gillespie Agency.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the deal is a combination deal with both TNA and Spike TV where Foley would more than likely get a television project with the network similar to the deals Kurt Angle and Bill Goldberg had with the network.

There was already talk within TNA of having Foley debut immediately, while others felt it would be best to hold off until the Bound For Glory PPV on October 12 in Chicago or on TV building up the company's biggest event of the year. The feeling is that Foley could deliver a late promo that would add buys as opposed to a situation where he would appear on TV first and lessen the impact of his first appearance. Foley had negotiated with TNA back in 2005 before the company's debut on Spike TV and was to have the role that was eventually given to Sting. He had verbally agreed to a deal, told Vince McMahon, McMahon wasn't happy and then offered him a bigger deal to stay. Foley has stated that their relationship was never the same ever since.

Foley stated recently that he was happy with his final appearance on WWE TV with Edge and liked the idea of Tazz taking over giving Matt Striker a break on ECW. While he was glad he gave announcing a try, he realized it didn't turn out to be something he enjoyed that much and was happy that many fans enjoyed his match calling with Michael Cole and Jim Ross. He also added quote, "The past three years were frustrating at times, but they were absolutely great years in terms of quality of life, and along the way I did some promos and matches, as well as (wrote) `The Hardcore Dairies,' that I'm really proud of. Believe me, having `The Foley Contract,' as it's been come to be called, was a pretty fortunate thing."

While sources have stated that Foley was on better terms with Vince McMahon when his deal expired this week, McMahon ordered to have Foley pulled from the new THQ "Legends of WrestleMania" video game. There was also a lot of talk about if Foley going to TNA will kill any chances of him being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in the future. While the feeling is that he won't be put in while he is on TV for the opposition, most are certain he will be put in down the line when the company is scrambling for top names to put in and that he may have already left the business for a few years by that point.

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