Mixed Martial Arts Match
AJ Styles vs. Frank Trigg
The following is a special Mixed Martial Arts which consists of three five minute rounds and can only be won by submission or knockout. Frank Trigg comes out first.

Frank Trigg gets on the mic and says for those that do not know him his name is Frank Trigg. He says that this isn't his first time in Canada but he hopes that it's his last time in this area. He says that this country really does suck. He takes a shot at the Blue Jays and Maple Leafs. He says that he hurts a lot of people - that's what he does. He says that he would love beating 'all you guys' up. He continues to cut an extremely flat and boring promo. Promos are all about delivery and this one was extremely forced. The crowd started a good 'shut the f up' chant.

The bell rings and the match is underway. Trigg gets an MMA take down on Styles but Styles gets out quickly.

They both try and land punches as Trigg kicks the legs of Styles. The fight goes to the outside where they are separated. Back in the ring, Trigg gets a take down on AJ. Trigg lands knees to the ribs of Styles. Trigg smacks AJ aroud on the mat.

The crowd has turned… 'we want wrestling' chants. AJ tries to fight with punches but Trigg keeps him in check. Trigg applies holds on Styles on the mat but basically nothing is happening…

Loud 'fire Russo' chants. Styles gets Trigg in a submission but the bell for the first round rings before he can tap.

ROUND TWO: Styles accidentally hit Tigg with a low blow and the round ended to a no contest. AJ starts to beat down Trigg with the kendo stick.

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