TNA No Surrender: Beer Money, Inc. vs. LAX

TNA No Surrender: Beer Money, Inc. vs. LAX
TNA World Tag Team Championship Match
Beer Money, Inc. (c) vs. LAX
Homicide starts things off against Robert Roode. Roode immediately goes to the outside. He gets back in and tags in James Storm. Homicide argues with Roode who gets off the apron. Homicide lands a boot on Storm and follows with right hands. Hip toss from Storm. He goes off the ropes and eats Homicide's counter. Hernandez is tagged in.

Storm lands a high boot to the face of Hernandez. Roode lands a clothesline from the apron on Hernandez. Roode is tagged in, Homicide goes for him but referee Slick Johnson pushes him back. Roode chops away at Hernandez's chest in the corner.

Roode taunts the crowd and tags in James Storm. Inverted atomic drop by Roode, Storm hit a stab in the back of Hernandez. Homicide has to be held back again. Storm, off the middle ropes, lands in Hernandez's hands. Roode trips Hernandez causing him to drop Storm. Storm tags in Roode as they double team one half of the challengers.

Roode connects a double sledge off the ropes on Hernandez. Storm tags in and goes off the top. Hernandez counters and throws Storm down to the mat. Hernandez can't make it to Homicide but Roode does get in. Finally Hernandez tags in Homicide. Homicide goes to work on Roode with stiff right hands. Roode finally counters with a boot. Homicide counters with a snap suplex.

Homicide is on the top turnbuckle, Roode follows. Homicide drills a DDT from the middle rope and gets a two count before James Storm gets in to make the save. Storm works Homicide but he gets crouched up on the top rope. Roode hits a spinebuster on Homicide for a two count. Hernandez gets in the ring and cleans house.

Hernandez sends Homicide over the top onto Roode. He motions for Hernandez to go off the top. Storm lands a blow on Hernandez to stop it. Homicide throws Roode into the steel ring steps on the outside. Hector and Jackie argue on the outside. Homicide goes for a beer bottle shot on Roode, he misses. Roode works over Homicide on the outside, Storm is out there as well. Here come Hernandez on both of them!

Hernandez works on Roode back in the ring, Roode counters but Homicide finally drops Roode on his head. Jackie gets in the ring and throws powder in Homicide's eyes. Roode lands a suplex and gets the three count.

Winners & still TNA Tag Team Champions - Beer Money, Inc

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