Jim Ross is back with another blog entry from his official website. Some highlights:

Stone Cold's Return: For those of you that are interested and in the spirit of perpetrating more rumors, Stone Cold is reportedly in awesome, physical condition as he prepares for his film role which will apparently be physically demanding. No, this doesn't mean that Austin is returning to the ring any time soon. Or does it??

What Draws: If wrestlers who want to be stars can create that emotional bond with their fans to where the fans make the all important emotional commitment in the wrestler, then PPV main events, championships and money are all likely to follow.

This Week's SmackDown Edits: I read a blurb on the 'net about Smackdown "edits" which struck me as somewhat unique. These "edits" are done every week for the record with some weeks more prominent than others. It just didn't seem like much of a news item but it certainly proved that many fans really pay close attention to the product and some have ample free time. I do audio fixes from home late night every Wednesday for Friday Night Smackdown which isn't big news either and simply goes with the territory of broadcasting a program "live to tape."

Draws in Wrestling: Why is it that there are rarely "draws" in wrestling nowadays? It could be because no one uses time limits except on rare occasions. Funny that when time limits are used it generally makes the matches more exciting or at least that's my impression. It just seems to me that using time limits puts more of a sense of urgency on the bouts and adds a needed element especially when matches have no back story.

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