On WWE.com they have a section showing their 100 greatest WWE Magazine covers, of which Chris Benoit is featured on two of them. Once along with Eddie Guerrero celebrating their Wrestlemania World Championship victories (80 out of 104) and the other with the rest of The Radicalz (62 out of 104). The section itself is a nice little stroll down memory lane. (Thanks To Timms)

With the presidential season in full circle, you can still view the Raw appearances of candidates Barack Obama and John McCain at ObamaFactCheck.com and McCainFactCheck.com, respectively. Both appearances are in the 'Videos' section. (Thanks To Pete Gerber)

Edge's new DVD will be a three disc set entitled Edge: A Decade of Decadence. Amazon.com has this description of the DVD: Fans may love to hate Edge, but they'll love this impressive collection of matches where Edge has won the WWE Championship (2 times), World Heavyweight Championship (2 times), Intercontinental Championship (5 times), U.S. Championship, WWE Tag Team Championship, and World Tag Team Championship (11 times!). To date, the "Rated R Superstar" has never had a DVD collection highlighting his amazing career, but Edge: A Decade of Decadence changes that. This 3-DVD set will feature dozens of the greatest matches and moments from Edge's career. (Thanks To Shannon)

Dwayne Johnson's biggest hit to date (excluding his cameo in The Mummy Returns), Get Smart, is scheduled to be released on DVD on December 16th. The film, in which Johnson co-stars, is his first film to hit $100 million domestically, having grossed $129,030,585 to date. The film also stars The Great Khali.

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