High Hopes For ECW, Torrie Gets Emotional, Nash Bashes TNA, & More

High Hopes For ECW, Torrie Gets Emotional, Nash Bashes TNA, & More
As reported earlier, former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson did her first-ever "shoot interview" this past weekend with RF Video. In an update on the shoot, she did not hold back in the interview and nothing was off-limits. She was very open and honest and got rather emotional when talking about the situation involving Chris Benoit.

Many within WWE feel that ECW is the company's best show right now, with most feeling that ECW is not overbooked and that the talent is working hard.

SLAM! Wrestling conducted an interview with Kevin Nash last week to promote the No Surrender pay-per-view. Nash said he still walks through airports with people asking him when was the last time he wrestled as they aren't aware he's still on national television. "I've walked through airports and people recognize me as Big Sexy or Kevin Nash, and then ask me, 'When was the last time you wrestled?' and I say, 'Last Thursday.' So there's a huge problem."

Nash then stated, "If people have no idea that on Thursday nights I'm still available to be viewed. There's your problem. It's not what's going on in the ring ... We're doing our end. Somebody needs to pick up the slack on the other end to make sure they know we're on. And I'll take the heat for (saying) that."

The article also notes that his contract expires in six weeks (now five weeks) and that his future in TNA remains uncertain. Nash also talked about how hard it is to go from being one of the top guys to a supporting player. "It's hard after being featured for so long to not being featured," Nash said. "When you've slowed down and you're not as athletic and as young as you once were, you don't see it. People see it, but you don't see it ... I can't watch myself sometimes." Nash talks about being "the aging wrestler," not doing what's best for him, TNA, Samoa Joe, Eric Bischoff, and more.

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