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Matt Morgan's representative sent out the following press release: On Tonight's TNA iMPACT, "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan is scheduled to receive an award for his participation in "Operation Immortality". Matt Morgan was hand chosen for the project by NCsoft founder and CEO Richard Garriot. This October, Richard Garriot has secured a seat on the Russian Space Shuttle and joining him on this trip is a collection of DNA, donated by a conglomerate of Humanities Greatest Achievements. The launch is scheduled for October and the "Immortality Drive" that stores the digitized DNA will be stored on the International Space Station for safe keeping. From the moment Matt Morgan stepped through the ring ropes early in his career, he caught the attention of nearly everyone around him. TNA General Manager Jim Cornette began referring to Matt Morgan as "The Blueprint" early in his career. Cornette had been in the business for well over a decade and he strongly believed that Matt Morgan was the new measuring stick to which all big men in wrestling would be compared to. From Morgan's in ring product to his ability to cut remarkable promos, it didn't take long for everyone else to see exactly why he was dubbed "The Blueprint". Earlier this year, Matt Morgan continued to break barriers as he debuted on NBC's "American Gladiators" as "The Beast" and became the largest Gladiator in the history of the show. Thanks to "Operation Immortality", "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan will truly optimize the moniker as his DNA has been digitally encoded and is set to be stored in space this October. On tonight's edition of iMPACT, Matt Morgan will be presented an award for demonstrating the quintessential characteristics of Human Genetics and potential. The "Humanity 2.0" award ceremony will be hosted by Mike Tenay with the award being presented by NCsoft representatives Paul Lewis and David Reid. Joining Morgan on this venture is a cavalcade of celebrities and brilliant minds alike, including an Olympic gold medalist, Rock and Roll Legends and Song writers, Authors and recently announced, Stephan Colbert of Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report". For more information on "Operation Immortality" please visit www.operationimmortality.com.

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