WWE Mobile had a video with CM Punk last night talking to Joey Styles after RAW. Punk revealed a plan to get back at those who have caused him trouble as of late and WWE says he has "developed a more jagged approach." Punk also talked about how he may take on a tag team partner to help him out. By the looks of things on RAW last night and over the past few weeks, I can see Punk and Kofi Kingston teaming up to battle the second generation Superstars.

The Stamford Advocate reports that an affiliate of Seaboard Properties Inc. of Stamford, CT has bought the building at 88 Hamilton Ave. in Stamford, which houses a few businesses including a manufacturing facility and studios for WWE. Not much significance here but WWE leases studio space in the building through 2012.

Former WWE United States Champion MVP did a quick Q&A with USA Today discussing a number of topics to promote the move to MyNetworkTV next week. When asked who he'd most like to have the chance to wrestle, he said The Rock. He said that when he was in prison, he learned, "To believe in yourself because prison is full of despair and hopelessness and its easy to give up on life."

In response to Evan Bourne's push in WWE, Big Vision Entertainment will be releasing "Before They Were Stars - Matt Sydal" on DVD this January.

The WWE SmackDown and ECW brands will be on tour in Portugal on Wednesday, Spain from Wednesday through Friday, Austria on Friday, and France and Germany on Saturday.

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