The Sun has an article on Shelly Martinez' date (now lunch) auction on eBay. Martinez spoke to The Sun regarding the auction. "The winner and I will go to Mr Chow, the hot celeb hangout in Beverly Hills, and we're going to have the time of our lives," Martinez said. "I'm not the wildest wild-thang in Hollywood, but I'm not the tamest either. My date should be prepared for the most romantic, delicious meal of his life. Or, he should be prepared for me to go crazy and dance naked on the table! But all I promise is a most unique evening and some radically interesting conversation!" The auction is set to end tonight. Bidding is up to $10,100 as of this post, but it appears to be a fraudulent bid. Although, someone with a feedback rating of 205 set a bid at $6,900.

Former WWE wrestler Damian Demento has posted a blog on his MySpace page talking about what he will and won't do when he makes his return to the squared circle. Demento said he won't be like Ultimate Warrior by doing the identical gimmick/look he did several years ago. Demento wrote: "I will not try to be the Damian Demento of '93. He doesn't exists anymore. I will not wear the identical gimmick I wore back in '93. I'd look like a old man holding onto the past, stuck in the early ninety's. I will not repeat the mistake the Ultimate Warrior did in his return to wrestling. Because he didn't re-invent himself, he looked foolish, and failed miserably. 2. I will not dye my gray hairs. Who would I be kidding? What's wrong with getting older? I'll celebrate my age and be proud of it. I'll send a message to kids that aging is a natural process, and with my comeback, let them know that age doesn't mean you cannot make childhood wishes come true." On what he will do, he wrote: "1. Realize that I'm not a young kid, naive, gullible, desperate, and that I'm a mature man who's been through more than most could imagine. Having starred down death, more times than I'd like to recall, nothing on this planet can intimidate me, frighten me, or make me doubt my mission. 2. I will utilize my wisdom, my creativity, and my life's experiences to introduce a innovative twist in wrestling that fans, young and old, will appreciate. 3. I will fulfill what my God has laid out for me. Like children around the world who are told to pursue their dreams, and that nothing can stop them, I will be an example for everybody who's been told that they're "too old," and for every man and woman who believes that they can achieve their goals no matter what their present condition in life is. 4. This is most important. Anything is possible… anything is possible… anything is possible..." You can read the blog in its entirety at He has also posted videos showing his diet and training progress at

WWE Hall of Famers Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff will be signing free autographs at the Wrestling Universe store in Whitestone, Queens, New York on Sunday, October 12 from 1 to 3 p.m.

Rhino has a page on MySpace {}. He's taking indy bookings through the page.

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