A Hilarious Backstage Trigg/Sting Story, Trigg Released By TNA?, More

A Hilarious Backstage Trigg/Sting Story, Trigg Released By TNA?, More
» A few tapings back there was a funny story with Frank Trigg. He arrived at the tapings and saw a guy he knew from the California gym, a guy he only knew as "Real Estate Steve" because he owned a lot of property in the area. He had no clue what this man was doing at the TNA tapings, but when he saw him talking with Kurt Angle he assumed that Angle flew him in to make a real estate deal. Later in the night he saw "Real Estate Steve" walking around backstage with his face painted, it was Sting. Yes, Trigg had no idea it was Sting without face paint that he had seen numerous times at the local gym. Unreal.

» TNA has no plans to use Frank Trigg. Trigg was said to be well liked and there was some people within TNA that felt his official "debut" in Oshawa at the No Surrender PPV was done well despite the crowd not being receptive at all. The company has considered using him again down the line, but his role as Kurt Angle's buddy isn't fitting into storyline line plans right now with the older talent going against the younger talent.

» Another funny backstage TNA story… Booker T's wife Sharmell borrowed the Raisha Saeed costume one night from Melissa Anderson, put it on and then talked to Roxxi in the Saeed voice, making her think she was talking to Anderson, the woman behind the Saeed mask.

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