According to a report from Contact Music, the Hogan family will have a reunion on November 21st when Nick is released from jail.

WWE debuts on MyNetworkTV tonight.

WWE found out that a woman who works for their company was dating Ric Flair from a video that recently surfaced on The woman had lots of heat on her within the company for dating a wrestler that is no longer affiliated WWE, or rather, one that left on fairly bad terms. Some people in WWE were upset that Flair decided to bolt after being pushed as the focal point of WrestleMania and building so much nostalgia marketing around him (Ric Flair month on WWE 24/7, the Ric Flair DVD, the Starrcade DVD, WWE 24/7 Online). In some people's eyes in WWE, you're either with them or against them and anything less than 100% loyalty is disloyalty.

Here are some attendance figures for WWE's European tour last week. The SmackDown/ECW show in Lisbon, Portugal on 9/24 drew 4,500 fans in an arena that holds 12,000, which has to be considered a disappointment. WWE sold out every show in Lisbon until last week's show. The 9/25 SmackDown/ECW show in Barcelona, Spain drew 5,000 fans in a 12,000 seat arena while the Raw show in the same venue on 9/26 drew 7,000 fans. The 9/27 SmackDown/ECW show in Munich, Germany drew 7,000 fans.

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