As reported earlier, WWE recently held a tryout at Ohio Valley Wrestling scouting possible wrestlers. Apparently, only one wrestler was signed. His name is "The Professor" Gavin Garrison and he's been wrestling a little more than a year. He's 6-3 and 250 pounds, which probably helped his cause. You can see his wrestling bio at We haven't heard anything on anyone else being signed.

WWE taped and auditioned the likes of Serena Deeb, Rob Conway, JD Michaels, Ryan Reeves, Chris Cage, and a few other guys at the recent tryout. Serena Deeb got a bunch of work done earlier in the year, likely in hopes of being noticed by one of the two big companies. Ryan Reeves has been trying to get back in WWE through OVW, but has had no such luck since his release from his developmental contract in January 2007. Chris Cage was scheduled to be called up in a tag team with The Miz in 2006, but was released from his contract in March of that year due to his behavior while WWE was filming vignettes at a spring break resort. JD Michaels (with wife April Hunter) moved down to Louisville in hopes of landing a deal with WWE through OVW. However, WWE split from OVW about a month after he started.

WWE's "SmackDown Your Vote" campaign is urging fans to register as the deadline for Election Day on November 4, 2008 is coming up in various cities soon. New York's registration deadline is Friday, October 10, New Jersey's is Tuesday, October 14 and Connecticut's is Tuesday, October 21. You can register to vote at

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