WWE's decision to decide this year's Cyber Sunday matches and stipulations via a text messaging (instead of voting at WWE.com) has many international fans upset already. The official rules for the Cyber Sunday PPV (available at WWE.com) state that only cell phone subscribers in the United States can participate in the voting. The rules also state that "There will be a total of six (6) match stipulations for fans to vote on via a mobile phone during the Voting Period." This could be a sign that there will only be 6 matches or some of the matches will not have voting. Finally, the rules The other notable rule change this year is that, "All eligible voters can text message a vote up to ten (10) times per match stipulation within the Voting Period."

Former WWE superstar Bobby Lashey has been training for Mixed Martial Arts for several months now and was recently interviewed by MMARated.com during a training session. Lashley said that he is signed with the American Fight League under a 2 or 3 fight deal. They originally had a Pay-Per-view scheduled for November but it was cancelled. Lashley believes his first professional MMA fight will be in December, although no fight contract has been signed and he does not know who his opponent will be. Lashley talked about his 18 years of wrestling experience and is ready for this new challenge. He's been working with a boxing coach for the last 6 months as well as grappling and jiu jitsu. He says people who come from WWE and enter mixed martial arts have a bad stigma around them. He told MMARated.com that he has no ego and plans to work his way up from the bottom. He also had some interesting comments about Brock Lesnar. Overall it was a good interview and Lashley looks to be in great physical shape.

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